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Skin care during pregnancy

Cosmetic procedures.

All cosmetic procedures are contraindicated for expectant mothers: neither light therapy, nor ultrasound, nor conductive devices can be used.

Mechanical cleaning of the skin of the face is not recommended, since, during this period, the skin’s ability to recover is significantly reduced and there are high risks of inflammation. It is better to be patient and wait then to cause serious harm, not only to your unborn baby, but also to your beauty.

Of the whole variety of cosmetics during pregnancy, only two types of masks can be used without risk to oneself and the unborn baby: clay-based (without a warming and cooling effect) and cream-based moisturizers. White clay dries oily skin, improves skin color, and helps fight enlarged pores.

Alginate masks are ideal for moisturizing the deeper layers of the skin. You can also use masks based on hyaluronic acid with the addition of aloe and collagen.

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