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Suppression of aggression. How not to save up negative?

Anger and aggression are negative feelings, but they must be expressed, they should not be kept in themselves, nothing good will end. How to control and pour out anger correctly read on.

Anger and aggression.

People often confuse anger with aggression and this is a mistake. Anger is emotion , and aggression is activity , aimed at changing the world to meet needs. Aggression – impact on the environment. Aggression occurs to restore , to strengthen and expand personal boundaries .

We cannot survive without aggression , because we must constantly invade somewhere in order to continue to exist. However, aggression is also not welcomed by society . The society is crushing it in us, because people without aggression are much more convenient to manage, anything can be “hung” on them, and they will endure.

Anger actually only appears where natural aggression is suppressed. In society, unfortunately, this is inevitable, so you need to understand how to manage aggression and anger .

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