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The best super drinks for the immune system

With the onset of cold weather, infectious diseases begin to intensify. In order to hold out all winter and not replenish the ranks of the sick, you need to constantly maintain your body. The best superfoods for your immune system.

1. Fruit Paradise Cocktail.

For its preparation, strawberries, sweet lime and mango are great. Grind them with a blender. And that’s it, the drink is ready. Such spicy fruits and berries are rich in many vitamins and minerals, including C and A. They perfectly organize the immune system, stimulating it to fight viruses. The cocktail must be drunk 2 times a day, otherwise the result, as such, will not be.

2. Citrus Drink.

Not only does lemon have vitamin C, grapefruit and orange are also rich in it. To get a tasty and healthy drink, you will need one orange and one grapefruit. Make them fresh. The drink will cheer you up and your immune system well.

3. Assorted juice of melon and pumpkin.

Nutmeg and pumpkin in their composition have vitamins of groups A, B, E and trace elements of zinc. To prepare a vitamin bomb, you need to take 100 grams of chopped pumpkin and 200 grams of nutmeg. Juice is squeezed out of the components. A glass of the drink can be decorated with a cinnamon stick or a leaf of mint.

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