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The effects of a lack of sleep on beauty and health

Regular cycles in a lack of sleep adversely affects all the functions of the body, can provoke an exacerbation or occurrence of diseases, and of course, affects the appearance overall. What are the health effects that we can expect?

The consequences of lack of sleep: appearances

During sleep, the stress hormone, cortisol, naturally decreases. This provides protection and regeneration processes in the skin. Insomnia, on the other hand, raises cortisol levels. In turn, this leads to biological stress in the body, inflammation and subsequent deterioration of the skin.

For a dream to become a dream of beauty, the smooth operation of all systems is needed. In the body of a person who sleeps little, not enough growth hormones are produced. They are responsible for cell regeneration. As a result, the body is not able to “fix” the damage received the day before. All that remains for him is moving at an accelerated pace to premature aging.

During a full sleep, the skin manages to restore moisture, while metabolizing toxins. Violation of sleep leads to a violation of the water balance, and this entails swelling of the eyes, dark circles, as well as dryness and fine wrinkles.


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