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The most common causes of male adultery

Many claim that only a woman is to blame for husband’s cheating . This is a profound error. Usually in both situations it’s worth blaming both. One didn’t say, the other didn’t ask – and so begins the family disorder. Then the partners begin to look for lovers to talk, realize their desires and just relax from quarrels and scandals. But it’s worth noting some nuances that provoke a partner to have intimate communication on the side.

So, here are the most common causes of male adultery .

1. Self-affirmation.

Men strive for a successful career to assert themselves in this life. Such an aspiration is not always rewarded. Then they compensate for the loss in work by the number of sexual victories. Carrying out research, experts came to the conclusion that the more successful a man, the less he thinks about cheating.

2. Eye to Eye.

Unfortunately, not only men are able to commit adultery. It is often the opposite. After such events, they decide to take revenge on his wife.

3. Unforeseen circumstances.

Not a few cases of sexual adventures were under the influence of alcohol. Usually an affair happens at corporate parties or at other parties. Under the influence of alcohol, men remove their bans and go on a “left” hike. Then everyone writes off the same alcohol.

4. Increased Sexual Attraction.

As a rule, such alpha males do not disdain relations even with the wives of their best friends. After communication, the partner ceases to communicate with his mistress. And such connections in a week can be a wagon and a small cart. It all depends on the physical condition of the man.

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