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The most useful fish varieties for health


Tuna is useful if caught in the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans. Be aware that adults can safely eat canned tuna up to three times a month due to moderate levels of mercury. Canned tuna – skipjack – can be eaten more often – once a week, but keep in mind that many fishing methods for this fish are not so safe for the environment.

Such a fish is very useful due to the high content of vitamins such as Omega – 3-6, B12. Avoid imported albacore tuna caught using other methods, as they have a high catch (random capture of other fish or marine life) of vulnerable species.


This fish is very good for breeding. They live well in fresh and sea water, survive in crowded conditions, grow rapidly, multiply rapidly and eat only vegetables. The fact that they only eat vegetables is a huge bonus, since you don’t have to kill fish to feed them, such as with salmon.

Tilapia is great for eating and is rich in vitamins such as potassium and phosphorus. This is the cheapest and easiest to cook marine fish that you can buy, so if you have not tried it, be sure to cook it.

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