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Top 7 features of the perfect woman

Each girl dreams of a prince , but how to conquer him? What should she be interested in? What qualities do real men value? Everyone has a different idea of ​​the ideal, someone appreciates the mind, other independence and determination. As they say, you won’t be good for everyone. Therefore, do everything for yourself, whoever needs it will see and appreciate such efforts. Here are the top 7 key features of the perfect woman.

1. A woman must be smart.

This does not mean that you need to read a million books, take part in intellectual competitions or run constantly to train. Just every day learn something new that you did not know before, but always wanted to know. Don’t stop halfway, no one canceled self-development . After all, next to him, a successful and adequate man, wants to see just such a woman. Who will be interested in having a conversation with a sweet lady, even if she will be MISS of the Universe, but without a gram of mind and ingenuity? What can you talk about with such a person? It is important to look in the eyes of the surrounding smart and self-sufficient lady who can keep up a conversation on any topic.

2. Characteristic girl.

Beauty and mind are good, but what is inside of you? Each person has his character , but for some reason hides him behind his appearance. No need to play in public, always be yourself . Show yourself in communication with men as if you are in the company of friends. Do not be shy to show your flaws, have fun from the heart, turn off the “super ice” mode – they don’t really like such ladies. At some points, you need to show all your determination and courage so that others do not consider you a weak link.

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