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Top 7 features of the perfect woman

3. Respect for your beloved.

If the girl will not love herself and respect herself, then what kind of respect on the part of society can we talk about? A woman should be a mystery that she wants to know all the time. Do not expose your feelings and life to others. Now it can be done in social networks. Do you think men like revelers and drunks, or cute girls who prefer to lead a normal life? Of course, those who want to know personally , and not read their silly posts on instagram or facebook.

4. Moderate modesty – decorates the lady.

Humble women know how to truly empathize , put other people’s feelings and desires above their blessings, and love with all their hearts. There are very few such ladies left, unfortunately. Kindness and sincerity is not a “fashion trend” now, people have become tough and selfish. A self-respecting girl who was educated correctly will not run after such “trends”. She will just be herself , and it will be very sweet in the eyes of any man. These women want to seek, love and respect .

5. Show your femininity and be passionate.

Dear girls, learn how to show your femininity . The way you present yourself will be your calling card. The ability to use beauty, intelligence, possess a certain note of mystery and lightness is the very femininity that men and the people around you want to see. After all, beauty can be different, but its manifestation makes you special.

As for passion, show it not only during intimate scenes in bed, but also in everyday life. Let your loved one hug you, kiss you or just hold your hand. Such sweet moments strengthen the bond between partners.

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