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Top 7 features of the perfect woman

6. Do not forget about honesty.

Honesty – is very much appreciated nowadays. Only half of the girls possess such quality, while the other half prefer to live in lies and deceit. Do not forget that sooner or later, everything hidden will come out. What then? It’s better to be honest initially to avoid shame, disappointment afterwards. You do not like to be led by the nose? Having lied once, native people cease to believe in your words. When you need help, they can ignore you. Lost confidence and faith in a person. Trust then practically does not revive. Honesty helps a person achieve tremendous success not only in love affairs, but also in his career. Such a person deserves respect.

7. Determination.

If a person has no goal in life, then he has nothing to reach for and conquer the peaks. He lives in a world of monotony and is in no hurry to change anything. This is really boring and stupid. Men respect and always make their choice in favor of motivated girls . They always know what they want and how to achieve it. They do not sit still, but are constantly evolving, gradually approaching their plan.

If you possess such qualities and character traits, then you can safely consider yourself an ideal woman . Do not be upset when reading the text, noted that certain moments are not inherent to you. This means that there is room to grow and develop. Take them for such a magical impulse that will help you quickly move out of place and move your “convolutions”. Only labor and constant work on ourselves makes us an ideal person.

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