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TOP 8 gadgets for modern women

Fitness bracelet.

Fitness bands.

Every modern girl or woman watches her figure, counts calories and how many steps they have taken in a day. Fitness bracelets are ideal for tracking the user’s physical activity – steps, running distance, and sleep phases. They are quite compact for comfortable and invisible to the user while wearing on the wrist. You can choose the company Xiaomi, Smart Band or Actenzo – a novelty in the smart watch market.

Device for heating tobacco Glo.

This device is at the peak of popularity among all women and men, especially for modern women. Glo is intuitive and easy to use – the device is controlled by a single button. The powerful glo battery allows up to 30 sessions without recharging. The main idea of ​​glo in the new design is “Style from a different angle”. Four noble shades were chosen for these devices that organically complement the stylish image of any woman: graceful Rich Black, delicate Blue Gray, rich Fine Gold and elegant Light Rose. The Glo case can have a matte and glossy texture, while maintaining a minimal form.