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TOP 8 gadgets for modern women

Smart scales.

Smart scales.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and fit. But to keep track of all this, you need good scales. YUNMAI smart scales come to the rescue, which measure, not only the weight itself, but also the level of muscle, bone, and adipose tissue. This model is popular because of its good quality and cheapness. You can choose other models depending on what you want from this device. Smart scales are able to choose the optimal diet or exercise plan and much more. An indispensable device for modern girls.

Smart jump rope: Tangram Smart Rope.

There are a lot of gadgets for weight loss and sports, but this is an unusual device. This is a smart jump rope for women made by Apple. Not so long ago, the world famous Apple brand released the Tangram Smart Rope – a smart skipping rope that can count the number of jumps. The jump rope is convenient in that it:

  • displays the number of jumps, with the help of special bulbs and indicators directly into the air;
  • the user sees 4 numbers that can be seen even on a bright day;
  • using the button on the handle of the jump rope in the air, you can display the number of jumps, calories that were spent and how much time it took to train.