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Useful properties of nettle

We remember from childhood that nettle is a plant that stings painfully, but few people realize the benefits of the plant. Read on the types and benefits of nettle.

Species of nettle.

There are about 50 species nettles, however, only five of them are most often found on our territory.

Stinging nettle.

This is a plant with medicinal properties, the leaves of which contain many vitamins and useful elements. It grows to a meter and a half in height, has erect stems and green leaves, covered with thin spikes, which contain formic acid inside. It is she who causes burns in contact with leaves.

Stinging nettle (stinging).

It has the same useful properties and appearance as the dioecious. The difference is the height of the plant, which rarely reaches half a meter and a one-year life span.


People call this plant “deaf nettle”. It can be found on the edges of the forest. It has white flowers with a pleasant smell, is a honey plant. Nettle leaves have no thorns; dried flowers are used to make allergy medications and gastrointestinal diseases.

Cannabis nettle.

It differs from others in its growth activity, in the presence of cut leaves with burning needles. Often found on roadsides, has a height of up to 2.5 meters. Nettle root and stalks of this species are used as a prophylactic and for cancer treatment .

Kiev nettle.

Outwardly very similar to nettle, dioecious, however, does not grow above a meter. It is listed in the Red Book in some countries. In Ukraine, is protected by environmental safety authorities.

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