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Watches as a gift: to whom and how to give them?

Gift Watches is a bad omen! We all have long known superstition, but few have delved into why this is so. To whom and how to give them? Is it worth believing in such short stories?

Where did this bad omen come from?

Explain clearly why you can’t give a watch, so nobody can specifically . Although there are two main versions. Western countries see sharp objects in the watch’s hands , so they equate them with knives and scissors. According to ancient beliefs: sharp objects in the house must attract a negative. Some believe that they can even cause death. The Japanese version is considered to be a more ridiculous explanation: Clock is an invitation to a funeral . The arrows of this decoration count down the moment to the “finish” of our life. Once the arrows have stopped, get ready for trouble. If you give them such a present, it will be regarded as your desire for the speedy death of the new owner of the watch. Slavic people also see only negative in such a nice gift. It is believed that if you hand them over to your birthday, it is to convey all your troubles through such a gift.

Why can’t you give a watch to your near and dear ones?

People’s sign didn’t go around the clock here: they say that if you give a watch to your loved one, you will definitely part with it. Moreover, some argue that there will be separation anyway, while others say that only when the watch mechanism breaks. What to believe and listen to? It is up to you to decide.

Don’t give away such a gift to suspicious and superstitious girls. Let it be even the most beautiful and expensive watches, but they will not be appreciated. The lady of your heart will take this gift for a hint that it is time to end the relationship.

Normal and modern people don’t particularly bother about this, give each other watches and don’t believe in bullshit. Moreover, they bring such people only good events in life. Probably, in this case, thoughts materialize. Everyone is attracted by what they strongly believe in.

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