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What can I eat at night?

Many people know that eating a lot in the evening is not good, but not many people have an idea about products that are categorically not recommended for eating at dinner. What foods should be excluded from the evening diet, read on.

What cannot be eaten and drunk at night?

To begin, let’s decide what to eat or drink at night is definitely not worth it. For example, you should not eat salty , as excess salt can lead to fluid retention and morning swelling. flour and sweet is contraindicated, since our metabolism slows down in the dark, and nightly “feasts” affect the figure . The same thing with fatty foods, which can also cause sleep problems and indigestion.

Exclude coffee and chocolate – they invigorate, and you will not be able to fall asleep for a long time. Finally, you should not drink alcoholic beverages at night – firstly, they are high in calories , and secondly, they disrupt daily biorhythms and cause insomnia .
If you feel like eating in the evening, then you shouldn’t starve yourself . Just be guided by the principle: food should be light for digestion and not interfere with sleep. Here is a list of possible nightly dishes.

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