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What foods are there against flu?

We replenish the reserves of fluid: what should you drink with a cold?

In the case of colds and flu, it is very important to follow a certain drinking regimen. During illness, you should drink plenty of fluids for the following reasons:

1. Influenza and colds often lead to fever, which increases perspiration and, consequently, causes dehydration. A lack of fluid negatively affects the internal organs and slows down the healing process;

2. In the acute period of the disease, viruses and bacteria begin to multiply intensively in the body, and their waste products cause intoxication, which is accompanied by headache, chills, a feeling of weakness throughout the body. Most toxins are excreted from the body by the kidneys, so it is necessary to stimulate these organs by drinking more fluid;

3. Healthy drinks are a good way to quickly and easily get a portion of vitamins that a weakened body lacks. Liquid products instantly enter the stomach and are well absorbed, and all the necessary substances immediately enter the bloodstream.

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