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What foods are there against flu?

What is not allowed?

Spicy and sour food..

Despite the benefits of spices during illness, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or inflammation of the intestines, spicy and acidic foods during colds will only add problems – heartburn, pain and nausea.

Sweet and oily.

Sweets undermine an already tense immune system and provoke increased inflammation. Sugar also “knits” the mucous membranes – it prevents coughing with bronchitis and can significantly complicate the course of the disease. Fat products are difficult to digest, so they are not very suitable for the treatment of colds and can cause pain and indigestion.


Nutritionists disagree on whether milk contributes to stagnation of secretions during the common cold. Therefore, it is recommended to build on one’s own feelings and if dairy products cause discomfort, then it is better to abandon them until complete recovery.

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