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What foods need to be removed from the diet forever?

Everyone knows that there are healthy products, but that means there are also harmful ones. What foods you need to get rid of and what to exclude from the diet, read on.

Fruit juices.

Studies show that fruit juices , especially when consumed frequently, can cause the body significant damage . And it’s not even that canned juices often contain toxic flavors that give them a natural taste.
A more significant problem even with natural juices is the fructose excess .

By themselves, fruits contain the same fructose, but also contain fiber , which is rich in antioxidants and other substances that are exceptionally healthy.

Moreover, this fiber is able to prevent high sugar levels in the blood, slowing down the speed with which sugar enters the blood. There are studies according to which people who regularly drink juice (even freshly squeezed!) are approximately 20-30% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who eat whole fruits.

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