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What foods provide energy to the body?

At different times of the year and at different ages, various foods are suitable for the body. What foods give strength and what foods should be discarded forever. Read on.

How is the conversion of food into energy?

This is possible due to digestion, during which the food breaks down into glucose molecules . These molecules enter the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. With blood flow, glucose enters the liver . Here it is filtered, and also stored in reserve. Located in the brain of d pituitary – the endocrine gland gives a signal to the thyroid and pancreas to release hormones that cause the liver to transfer accumulated glucose to the bloodstream. After that, blood delivers glucose to the organs, muscles that need it.
After reaching the target organ, glucose molecules enter the cells in which are converted to energy . Thus, the process of supplying organs with energy directly depends on the level of glucose in the blood.

To increase your body’s energy reserves , we recommend that you consume foods that are powerful and can increase your metabolic rate .

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