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What is behavioral aging?

The modern rhythm of life is reflected in many aspects of human life, appearance is no exception. Who faces behavioral aging and how to deal with it, read on.

How is behavioral aging manifested?

Unlike other types of aging, behavioral aging primarily affects girls over 25 years old. This is the result of a change in the social status of women: now they work a lot, get responsible positions, build a career and, as a result, sleep worse, feel stress, and begin to eat incorrectly. Naturally, after a couple of years, the consequences of such a lifestyle are literally reflected on the face.

The main signs of behavioral aging are not wrinkles, but they no less damage the appearance of the skin..

  • Dark circles under the eyes, tired look – these external signs often accompany stress.
  • Deterioration of the complexion – smoking, lack of sleep and a rare stay in the fresh air negatively affect the skin color, very soon it takes on a grayish tint and dull appearance.
  • Dry skin and age spots are the result of excessive visits to tanning salons.
  • Oily skin gloss, enlarged pores, acne are the result of metabolic disorders and the inevitable “reckoning” for improper nutrition.

The behavioral type of aging is manifested individually in each person, someone has all of his symptoms, someone is more susceptible to individual factors. The environment affects all of us, and we can’t always protect ourselves from stress, but to minimize the harmful effects of external factors on our skin, each of us can do it.

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