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What is body detox?

Residents of modern cities suffer from stress, environmental pollution and poor-quality products, which leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body and negatively affects health. What is detoxification and how to properly carry it out, read on.

Why detox?

Until recently, the term “detoxification” was found mainly in the vocabulary of narcologists. It was used in situations where the body poisoned by alcohol could no longer cope with self-purification from poisons and required medical attention. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing need for artificially stimulating the cleansing of poisons even for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why it happens? The reason is environmental pollution . The situation is exacerbated by the unsatisfactory quality of drinking water, which leads to diseases of vital organs . Soil pollution directly affects the quality of agricultural products consumed. In total, about 90 million people are affected by negative environmental impacts in our country. So, we breathe polluted air, drink water that does not meet sanitary and epidemiological standards, we consume food that is saturated with pesticides. Is it worth wondering about the consequences?

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