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What is delayed life syndrome?

Many people live dreams of the future, not paying attention to the present, which leads to various physiological and psychological problems. What is delayed life syndrome and how to cope with it, read on.

Delayed life syndrome leads to a loss of time.

You can, of course, continue to live in a dream, because it is pleasant and not burdensome, but the delayed life syndrome is dangerous because it leads to a loss of time, missed opportunities, it can give false priorities and mask some psychological problems.

However, it is worth noting that this syndrome is absolutely not associated with people who have a real goal, which is achievable in the foreseeable future, and who purposefully go towards it.

It is worth talking about the syndrome of delayed life, when a person, hiding behind a cocoon of some ephemeral goal, hides both from the present and from the future, when he hopes every day that the onset of a wonderful event will automatically fix all problems in his current life.

As a rule, delayed life syndrome affects busy people who have not reached any career heights, have not realized their potential, or have not found their place in life.

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