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What is delayed life syndrome?

The main mistake of dreamers.

Living with expectations is self-deception. You can only live here and now, because the future will never come. And what comes will still be different from what was intended.

Focusing on a train that runs along the Then-When route is the main mistake of dreamers. For some reason, they think that happiness is the ultimate station. And it lasts forever. But in fact: a short burst of emotions, after which weekdays come again. Therefore, the best option is to enjoy and enjoy the trip itself, no matter how pathetic it sounds.

But courage is needed to allow yourself to live in the here and now format, to do what you like, to choose what you really like. Life goes by. And it would be nice to live it in such a way that it would be nice to remember not only brief flashes of happiness, but also your interesting, beautiful path through it, in principle.

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