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What is harmful honey?

Honey has both positive and negative properties, in some cases its use is strictly prohibited. What can harm honey read on.

Honey leads to obesity, diabetes and heart attack.

Of the undeservedly touted “useful” compositions of the bee product so beloved by Russian consumers, it remains mainly those same fructose and glucose . In the same lentils, a total of 0.27 g per 100 g of product. Why are these substances dangerous for our body?

Honey has a very high glycemic index (60-87). Moreover, the norm is an index of no higher than 40. Consumption of products with an index higher than this indicator is a direct path to obesity . Sugar, which is 82.12 g per 100 g of honey, in the human digestive system is broken down into glucose and fructose, causing a increase in blood sugar .

Consuming as much fructose as the product itself with such a high glycemic index leads to metabolic disorders and insulin resistance. These are the first harbingers of diabetes mellitus . In addition to this terrible disease, honey provokes atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes , because it promotes the formation of cholesterol plaques, which clog vessels.

Also, due to the constant consumption of a product with a high glycemic index, more C-reactive protein is formed in the blood, which leads to premature aging and a significant reduction in life expectancy.

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