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What is the use of beer?

Many people believe that even weak alcoholic beverages negatively affect the body. But this statement does not apply to beer. What is the benefit of beer and what are the beneficial properties of the drink, read on.

What is the drink good for?

There are a lot of rumors about the benefits of beer . It is said that its moderate use protects against cardiovascular diseases, strengthens bones and the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the functioning of the stomach and the like.

Beer contains Vitamin B1 , it prevents the harmful effects of glucose and insulin on the state of blood vessels. It is necessary for adequate functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems .

Neurons use glucose specifically as an energy source, so lack of vitamin B1 can lead to their death. As a result, short-term memory and coordination are disrupted.

Vitamin B1 deficiency may be indicated by an increase in heart and tachycardia, as well as chronic pain and increased skin sensitivity, sleep disturbances and weakness, gradual loss of muscle mass or lack of appetite.

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