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What to do if you have severe diarrhea as an adult?

Infections with food and water.

Poor quality products, with expired shelf life and with violation of storage rules. Actually, in the summer, it is the sultry period. In season times, vegetables, fruits and beach time are dominant.

Swimming areas, that have not been tested, may be contaminated with germs and bacteria. Especially if the temperature is above 30 degrees with a plus mark.

E. coli can become a causative agent of the disease. Useful advice: thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits and bathe in checked places.

Traveler’s disease (indigestion).

Often accompanies individuals who travel. Climate change, plus everything that comes with it – new living conditions, and the situation, including food. In cases of visiting a foreign country, we recommend drinking bottled water, purchased.

Disease due to dirty hands.

This reason is more characteristic of young children who are not used to personal hygiene. Often, an adult neglects the rules and arranges a snack on the go, with dirty hands. This can be a provoking factor for indigestion.

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