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What to eat if hair falls out, brittle nails and there is no normal sleep?

In daily rush, constant worries and stress, we spend most of our lives. All these processes adversely affect your health. The nervous system, hair and nails are especially affected. To at least slightly strengthen them, you need to eat properly and balanced .

What is there if hair falls out, brittle nails and there is no normal sleep? Here is the answer.


The most common cause of hair loss, brittle nails, and sleep disturbance is stress . It negatively affects the entire body, causing inflammatory processes. To strengthen the nervous system and immunity, it is necessary to replenish stocks of antioxidants. Only not those that are sold in pharmacies and sites, but in kind. Most of them are in blueberries . During the ripening season, be sure to stock up on these wholesome foods. In the diet can be not only fresh berries, but also jams, compotes, preserves.


Did you know that with a lack of vitamin D calcium is poorly absorbed? This fact has long been proved by researchers. Without calcium and vitamin D, with which it is interconnected, hair will lose its luster, nails will flake, and you can forget about healthy sleep. To replenish these micronutrients, drink a glass of milk a day. It has many vitamins in its composition, including vitamin D.


Eggs are a source of natural protein, vitamin B and biotin. For everyone who suffers from a deficiency of these vitamins, hair and nails are weakened, and sleep is disturbed. To normalize their condition, a person needs 2.5 mg of biotin per day. Unfortunately, such a daily dose can be obtained by eating about 300 eggs. Therefore, replenishment is necessary with the help of food additives.

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