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When is it recommended to take vitamins?

In autumn, we need more vitamins than in summer?

In the modern world, the amount of vitamins in the blood is completely independent of the season . If we lived in a confined space and ate only our own products grown in the garden, then this theory could have a right to exist. But since we use identical products both in summer and winter, except for the seasonal fruit period, which lasts only a couple of months, there is no difference.

Meat, fish, cereals, vegetables do not differ from each other, whatever the weather outside. Time of day also has virtually no effect on vitamin intake. With the exception of some substances, which, in fact, are not vitamins, but still stimulate many processes. For example, Magnesium for a relaxation effect is best taken in the evening , and ginseng in the morning for energy. And for the base micronutrients there is no specific schedule .

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