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When it comes to the topic of dating someone new, ensure you watch out for these 10 Red Flags

At the beginning of your journey to dating someone, it gets exciting, intoxicating, and invigorating. If you are not mindful, it could end in disaster. So you have to tread likely at this stage of your relationship. Though, everything may look rosy and beautiful, still keep a watch for the following red flags. It may be a determiner between moving forward and remaining with that person.

Bad hygiene

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It might be shocking to believe, but not everyone brushes their teeth, showers, or bath daily. It may seem like we are being judgmental when reading the title of this section, but this is an essential aspect to one’s presentation as it could lead to body odor, bad breath, and appearance.

There is a saying that, cleanliness is next to Godliness as there are a lot of setbacks linked with poor hygiene. A study revealed that the accumulation of plague in the mouth could lead to heart-related diseases.

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