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Why do nails peel? We solve the problem together

Nail problems – this is not news in our time. Almost every girl faced with foliation and fragility. Well, solve the problem together!

There are a number of reasons why why the nails are flaking.

  • Vitamin deficiency. In the autumn-winter period, nails most often suffer. Lamination of the nail plate, hair loss and dry skin indicate that the body lacks calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C, D.
  • Bad habits and stress. Your health depends on your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol and stress lead to unpleasant consequences. All of them negatively affect the condition of the nails. They become brittle and begin to exfoliate.

  • Improper diet. Too fatty foods are harmful to the digestive tract. Knowing this, we can still afford junk food. After a while, the first alarming bells from the body appear, nails begin to flake.
  • Household chemicals. It is necessary to clean and wash the dishes with special rubber gloves. So you protect your skin and nails. Frequent contact with such substances adversely affects the whole body.
  • Bad habits. Did you know that such a “innocent” habit, like nail biting, can harm them? It doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, the nails look terrible and grow with defects.
  • The use of nails in everyday life. At first glance, the reason seems to be ridiculous. But opening jars or bottles, the nails begin to break and flake. Pity your “claws”, there are other more reliable ways to do this.
  • Low-quality varnishes and tools for manicure. Nails do not like coarse nail files and varnishes with a high concentration of acetone. Frequent use of gel polish also leads to depletion of the nail plate.
  • Hormonal failure. Unfortunately, this factor does not depend on our desire. Hormonal imbalance can affect nail growth and their health. Particularly affected by it are children, adolescents and women, after 45 years.
  • Diseases. Some diseases disrupt metabolic processes in the body, which negatively affect the health of nails. If the period of brittleness and lamination is prolonged, be sure to visit the doctor.

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