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Why do women cheat?

There are many different stereotypes about infidelity, for example: women are naturally monogamous; leftists strengthens marriage; only men are cheating. But is it true that cheating is a purely masculine affair? Let’s look at the main causes of betrayal by women.

The main causes of female adultery:

  • The desire to feel loved again and increase self-esteem.
  • The desire to feel new and satisfy curiosity.
  • For career purposes. A similar reason most often happens with women who obey the male boss.

In some cases, adultery may take the form of sheer coercion.

  • Revenge on husband for treason or humiliation.
  • The desire to prolong youth and experience strong feelings.
  • The desire to satisfy an increased sexual need or to feel your power over a man.
  • The desire to thank for the help, support and kind attitude in difficult times.
  • Opportunity to make money.

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