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Why do women cheat?

The desire to try something new.

If you look at the whole history of mankind, it will become clear that, during the years of slavery, women are used to obeying and turning a blind eye to men’s infidelities, as well as depriving themselves of a desire for infidelity.

“If a woman wants a lot of sex, she is obsessed with demons,” can be heard from church officials. And psychologists in pink glasses constantly teach how to be a submissive woman, keeping her husband and make concessions in time, shedding bitter tears in a bored borsch.

In large cities, the number of female traitors has long been equal to the number of men who cheat. And you will not believe it, most often they’re the faithful wives, whose husband, if not the first and only, then they are the second intimate partner.

You do not need to dig for a long time, because the reason is obvious: the desire to try something new, to catch up with youth.

Just because!

Another reason for the betrayal of women: “Yes, just like that!” This is an answer that you can often find on women’s forums. Everything in the family can be pretty good, but why not dispel boredom and find adventure.

New love is the cure for all problems. A woman can adore her husband, but, by nature, she loves freedom and she needs only a new passion and a sense of risk. And, if it turned out to be done once invisibly, then there will be a continuation. It’s like a game of chance.