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Why do women cheat?

How to survive treason?

If you still betrayed, this is not a reason to end the relationship. According to US statistics, less than 25% of cheaters leave their partners.

Discuss relationships and betrayal. Talk about what happened. Talk about your expectations from the relationship, about what excites you, discuss your dreams and feelings. Let the cheating partner tell in detail about what moments led him to the treason. This will help you achieve mutual understanding and will be an important step towards forgiveness.

Do not chop right away. You should not make serious decisions about your future immediately after you learn about betrayal. Cool down for a couple of days or even weeks, and only then decide what to do next.

Find out how a vulnerable partner feels. It is very important that the wrong partner finds out what feelings the deceived have. Psychologists recommend a deceived partner to describe their emotions in a letter and pass them on to the traitor. The affected party may feel that his feelings are still important, and the wrong partner will understand what pain he caused to the other.

If your girlfriend or wife leaves you for another man, then definitely something is wrong. For starters, it might be worth looking at yourself, and then decide to build these relationships and improve or destroy them once and for all.

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