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Why is sleeping with makeup harmful?

Makeup is attractive, but you should not have it on for a long time, especially during sleep. Makeup clogs skin pores and dries the epidermis. Why you should not sleep with make-up and what do you do if this still happens? Read on to find out.

What is the danger of sleeping with makeup on the face?

It is not necessary to be a beautician to understand that sleeping with makeup on your face is a bad idea. Ignoring the simple rules when using cosmetics can be called a bad habit. However, in the life of every woman, there were moments when there was not enough strength to remove makeup. Unpleasant consequences of frequent forgetfulness will be: acne and inflammation. Many cosmetics contain silicone, which clogs the pores. In addition to this, cosmetics during the day collect dirt, sweat, and grease. All these substances become a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes, which leads to the appearance of inflammation. And the risk of acne, blackheads and black spots due to pollution, increases many folds.

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