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Why is sleeping with makeup harmful?

Sleeping with makeup on your face is a bad idea.

For the whole day, the skin under the makeup layer gets tired, cosmetics prevent it from breathing. In addition, cosmetics contribute to the drying of the skin, creating an imbalance. Refusing to remove cosmetics, you disrupt the collagen production process, so the skin quickly loses moisture. This inevitably leads to the appearance of early wrinkles.

Increased risk of allergies.

The longer the makeup comes in contact with the skin, the more it affects the epidermis. This increases the risk of allergies. She can declare herself as having increased dryness, redness, rashes. And, if the remnants of a pencil, mascara, or eyeshadow fall into the eyes during sleep, they will become inflamed, redden and swollen.

Decreased skin tone.

When a person rests, his skin is restored. And if makeup will interfere with recovery, the regeneration process will be disrupted. An inevitable side effect of self-negligence is a reduction in skin elasticity.

Deterioration of eyelashes.

Under a thick layer of mascara, the eyelashes are exhausted. If you often sleep with makeup, you may notice that the eyelashes begin to fall out more often. Their growth may slow down, and neglecting the rules of basic hygiene threatens the fragility of eyelashes.

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