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Why is sleeping with makeup harmful?

What if this did happen?

The main thing is not to panic. Your skin is strong enough to protect itself. But don’t get used to it. If you do not remove makeup once, the consequences are easy to eliminate, but, if this happens regularly, the situation will be completely different.

What to do in the morning?

Wash your face twice. Use a tonic. If you have time, make a moisturizing mask to restore moisture to the skin, or apply a cream.

Tip: Remember to wash the pillowcases. Undoubtedly, they left traces of makeup, which will again fall on your face when you are in bed.

Attention! Only if you know that you will have little time for normal face cleaning, make sure to carry special wipes with you. However, you should not use them regularly, as they do not cleanse the skin as well as special cleansers.

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